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While Anthony is cooking and baking his virtual creation, follow him on Twitter @AnthonyOToole_ and @CulinarianPress.


Anthony O’Toole M.Sc., B.A. (Hons), W.S.E.T. (Level 3)

Chef. Baker. Eater. Drinker. Reader. Collaborator. Teacher. Cookbook Collector. Gardener. Dreamer. Traveller. Writer. Occasional Sleeper. These are some of the items that appear on his weekly “to-do list”.

Always interested to hear about new culinary projects and collaborations in Ireland and abroad – culinary project management, restaurant development, artisan food production, menu and recipe design, kitchen training, writing, food tourism, and culinary events. Have a look at Anthony’s background here.

Based along the east coast of Ireland.  Has suitcase, loves travelling.

To contact anthony, email: or phone: +353 86 221 2217.


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